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ProSolution Pills Can Help Men Who Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction

Jim Hamilton always felt bad about the size of his penis. It affected his sex life. He even suffered from erectile dysfunction because of his lack of confidence.

How desperate his patients are for help can be measured, according to Jim Hamilton, by the fact that Jim didn't bolt out of that ghastly waiting room and flee his appointment, even though he really wanted to.

"I don't think that any man who doesn't have this problem can understand the way you feel," Jim says. Even his wife, Debbie, had never fully comprehended his misery. He even tried Pro Solution Plus, but nothing really helped.

"I'm a big guy," Jim says. "I've always worked out and played a lot of sports. I take a lot of pride in my physique, except when my shorts are off. Showering in a locker room with other people around is a very uncomfortable experience; it's something that you worry about.

"In the end, you develop a kind of routine. You shower with your back to everyone, you don't get involved in any conversation while you're there because it means you might be expected to turn and talk, and you get out of there, get a towel around you and your pants back on as quickly as possible. It's a really traumatic experience. Even ProSolution Pills didn't help."

But if being in a locker room full of men was distressing, it was nothing compared to being alone with a woman during sexual intercourse, terrified that she might discover his secret.

"I started dating when I was 18. I wanted to come on strong, but I didn't dare. I didn't want the girls joking about me after we'd been to bed. I lost my virginity when I was 19. We were both really drunk when we had sexual intercourse, so she had no expectations.

"After that things got a lot worse. I always liked older women, and they liked me. They'd tell me I was wonderful, but it was too bad my penis was so small. They used to call me their big teddy bear, which did nothing for my ego."

As with showering, Jim developed a routine for his sexual encounters. Rule number one: Keep the lights off. "I'd always get into bed with my pants off at the very last moment and pray they weren't expecting too much. Afterward, I'd get my pants on as soon as possible and hope that there were no complaints."

Jim decided to try to enlarge his penis with a penis extender. He bought the ProExtender device and started using it regularly. He has succeeded in making his penis a full inch longer, which is quite a bit. Jim's sex life is much better now thanks to ProExtender.